Thursday, February 23, 2017

Facel Vega HK 2 1962 - 1964

France has always had "taste" in making things is no exception with a car Grand Touring French-made this one with the name Facel Vega HK 2 Artificial 1962 - 1964 years Her car's interior is so tasty!!

Facel Vega HK 2 carrying machine 6.3L Chrysler Typhoon Engine V8, the automatic transmission series power up 355hp and manual transmission series power up reach 390hp Pont-a-Mousson.
Facel Vega company only lasted 2 years, in 1964 Facel Vega Corporation collapse and now the Facel Vega car being coveted classic car collector, the price range for the car reaches 400,000 pounds.

cars were so tasty, why can insolvent ????

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