Friday, April 14, 2017

Equus Bass770 Review

Equus Bass770 Muscle Car
Equus Bass770 Muscle Car
Is this the Mustang Fastback which Corvette V8 engined ??. What you see below is not a classic Ford Mustang with a fastback body.  Although it looks similar, this car is called Equus Bass 770.

Equus Bass 770 muscle car that combines an aura of legendary American muscle car with today's technology. The figure made cars Equus Automotive based in Michigan Detroit is indeed remind us of the muscle car in years 60 and 70.

This car is basically an old school muscle car body shell with guts modern supercar. With horse emblem on the front grille and rear decklid, the author deliberately made it look like a vintage Mustang, If observed carefully Bass 770 have curves similar to the Ford Mustang Fastback combined with the Dodge Challenger, two iconic muscle cars in the automotive world.

  • Equus Bass770 Specification
The curve of the body is made of superformed aluminum and an inner layer of carbon fiber.
Beneath the hood sits V8  LS9 GM 6.2-liter / CC supercharged engine, the same engine with the Corvette ZR1. Equus Bass 770 claimed to have power 638 hp and 604 lb-ft of torque. All of the power is sent to the rear wheels through a dual-clutch six-speed. Acceleration speed 0-60 mph can be reached in just 3.4 seconds. Also do not miss the Magnetic Ride Control sourced from GM.
  • Equus Bass770 Top Speed
Equus Bass 770 can be lauched up to a maximum speed of 321 km / h. The interior is equipped with the comfort of a premium leather lining, and the buyers can combine the color of the inside this car.

Equus Bass 770 is priced ranging from 250000-300000 US dollars. If we look from the appearance and the performance alone, this car certainly very worthed every penny.
Equus Bass770 Front
Equus Bass770 Front Picture

Equus Bass770 Interior
Equus Bass770 Interior Picture

Equus Bass770 Rear
Equus Bass770 Rear Picture

Equus Bass770 Side
Equus Bass770 Side Picture

Equus Bass770 Framework
Equus Bass770 Framework Picture

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