Monday, January 8, 2018

Bugatti Vision GT (Gran Turismo) Masterpiece Supercar

Between Exotic, masterpiece, and high performance, this is the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo. Who does not fall in love with the Exotic Supercar Bugatti?

Bugatti Vision GT (Gran Turismo) Spec : the engine with a capacity of 8.0 L (488 cu in), using a typical W16 bugatti engine configuration with quad-turbocharger. Very perfect teeth, 7speed is certainly with dual clutch transmission.

This car includes masterpiece, designer 4 people. As a result of the shimmering blue-black shapes and colors that make everyone fall in love.

A little info friends, this car output power 1650 HP (Horse Power), and pull only 2.1 seconds to reach topspeed. Who does not fall in love?

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