Sunday, March 5, 2017

TRD V8 OHV 358 ci Toyota Camry Engine

The V8 classic American style engine constitute Toyota's flagship weapon for participating "racing" in the NASCAR arena.
Thanks to this engine, the Toyota Camry TRD Racing Car can reach the constructors' championship NASCAR in 2016.
This machine also provoke polemic, because another constructor felt if Toyota is very advantaged, because the engine was built specifically for racing competitions, unlike other manufacturers whose engine was originally the result of the development of car engines are on general sale.

So want to have a Camry that use these machines.


  1. Is this Toyota engine totally Toyota or does it get it's block or any parts from GM, Ford ? ?

    1. To make this engine, it is made purely by Toyota, but there are engine blocks that have become Ford patents and are paid royalties by Toyota ... maybe someone wants to add? thank you for coming to my blog. may be useful