Thursday, July 6, 2017

1967 Dodge Dart by Gas Monkey Garage

Familiar with the name Gas Monkey Garage (car modification workshop) ... ??

Well ... last year, one of the renowned modification workshop in the United States was to modify 1967 Dodge Dart into a 'drag car' powerful. The main goal is to fight the Dodge Charger another workshop garage (Roadkill Garage). 

Hence, Gas Monkey Garage crew then overhaul the Dodge Dart & crammed it with a HEMI V8 6200 cc engine Which has been upgraded and added a pair of superchargers. The standard specification of the 1967 Dodge Dart, this engine powered a maximum of 707 hp and a torque of 881.3 Nm.

After the upgrade and modification, the distance of 402 meters successfully taken in just 5.86 seconds. wowoww awesome muscle car.

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