Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mini Cooper Symbol of Lifestyle

Classic Mini Cooper Urban City Car
 MCR buddy who yesterday asked to be reviewed about MINI car lifted his little finger?

Mini Cooper Symbol of Lifestyle
Although not Muscle Car, this car is worth reviewing, because this is a legendary car who since 1959 has become an icon of the British state. Especially with Rowan Atkinson a.k.a Mr. Bean.

Mini Cooper Urban City Car Review
Then why this car is so legend until the price that classicnya still fairly expensive ?? yup maybe we can reflect on the phenomenon of Vespa scooter . This car is a lifestyle symbol.

Despite its small size, the car that its brand has been acquired BMW has a large enough engine. For the classic, the machine used is A-series from 850 to 1275cc 4 cylinder. While the new larger, can reach 2000cc for certain types. Obviously this car is not slow bro!!
Mini Cooper Urban City Car
Well if my friend MCI like which? Modern or classical ?
If this post is crowded, there will be a review of the Mini that his engine is already in custom. hehehe

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