Saturday, July 8, 2017

Honda Type-R Review

After yesterday discuss TRD, now admin want to discuss also about one of the logos that are often abused, even often see this logo used as a brand of car accessories and even motorcycles.

Explanation of Type-R

Type-R itself refers to a special variant of Honda cars. You could say this Type-R variant vehicle is ready to make down on the circuit, Because the comfort supporting facilities have been stripped for the sake of chasing the light weight, in addition to more powerful engine capabilities, body rigidity and suspension are also improved from the standart variant.

  • Here is a Honda car model that has a Type-R variant.
1. 2017 All New Honda Civic Type-R
 2. 1998 Honda Accord Type-R
3. Honda Integra Type-R
4. Honda NSX Type-R

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