Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ford 427 SOHC (Cammer) Legendary American Machines

Already we discuss the Japanese machine, now we turn to the uncle sam machine, now admin want to discuss one of Ford's legendary engine but not famous.

Ford 427 SOHC (Cammer) History and Specs

This machine was originally developed by Ford in 1964 to bulldoze Chrysler's HEMI machine at the NASCAR event. 427 SOHC is capable of issuing a maximum of 616HP power when using a single 4barrel carburetor, or 657 HP when using a 4barrel double carburetor. Perhaps at this time the SOHC system is spelled out a sissy or whatever, but in 1964, this was a revolutionary technology. And thanks to this engine, the engineers realized the potential of the Camshaft Over Head system. And encourage its development, until we are familiar with the current SOHC or DOHC system.

With such output, the SOHC 427 has the maximum power that far exceeds the traditional OHV V8 engine output. Therefore, in October 1964, NASCAR eventually banned the use of the SOHC mechanism and required the use of an OHV system for its engines. (A lot of news goes around, that this ban is sponsored by Chrysler). So 427 SOHC did not even have time to follow any NASCAR event.

But banned in the NASCAR arena, does not make this machine lose its popularity. In the 1970s, this machine is very favorite in the event of drag race, even to use in the highest class, Top Fuel.

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