Friday, August 4, 2017

Nissan RB Series Review

RB series is a l6 engine with various capacities. From 2.0L to 3.0L, with a SOHC valve drive mechanism (2 valves / cylinder) and DOHC (4 valves / cylinder). The cylinder head of this machine is made of aluminum combined with cast iron cylinder block.
RB series itself has various types of engines, and can be known the engine specifications of the type of machine. Among other things, RB25, RB26DETT, RB24S.

To know the specifications of this machine is quite easy. Where Letter RB indicates that this RB series engine, and 2 numbers that follow the letter RB indicates the capacity of the engine. While the fifth character and so on indicates the complete specification of the machine. Here's the description

RB26 : RB engine with a capacity of 2.6L
E : Electronic Fuel Injection
S : carburetor type machine
T : Indicates that the engine is equipped with a Turbocharger
TT : Twin Turbocharger
P : indicates that the engine uses LPG fuel.

RB series is used by Skyline from R31 to R34.
How is my friend MCI, it's easy to identify his machine the Japanese Monster?

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