Monday, April 17, 2017

Car Wash Process at Home

Car Wash Process at Home
The process of washing the car that I normally do is to use two buckets and spray water tight.

Two buckets of different functions here, which of them is to place a clean water rinse wash microfiber cloth and car shampoo only to places that are mixed water. High-pressure spray of water is very important to wash quick and clean. Quick wash with a high pressure water can quickly remove the dirt on the exterior of the car as the hood of the car, left and right side and rear / bumper, and also in parts of the foot, bleak fenders, wheels, parts of the legs as shock absorbers, springs, under the car , etc.

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High pressure / spray can be obtained from water faucet / container, or machinery such as water pumps or a special tool called a high pressure washer that is designed specifically for washing mobil.Namun high pressure washer thus usually requires a minimum of 750 watts of electrical power, or about 1 hp need power, if you want to lower power consumption can also be used directly in fact enough water pump or pressure cleaer used for garden / cleaning air conditioning, and some brands even using a smaller wattage of 100W, however, of course the pressure is not at high pressure cleaner.

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