Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mazda RX3 Review

Mazda RX3 JDM Car
Mazda RX3 JDM Car
RX3 is one of Mazda's legendary japan cars in the 70s, Imagine when most Japanese sedans powered standard 50-80hp this car can already score 130hp.

The latest version of Mazda RX3 Hatchback is still at 115-120hp with a heavier weight of course.

Why do Mazda RX3 have big power? The recipe is just one: Rotary Engine.
1973 Mazda RX3
1973 Mazda RX3 Picture

Mazda RX3 Interior
Mazda RX3 Interior Picture

Mazda RX3 Modification
Mazda RX3 Modification Picture

Mazda RX3 Modification Detail
Mazda RX3 Modification Detail Picture

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