Monday, April 10, 2017

Toyota 2000GT Racing Car Review

Toyota 2000GT Racing Car review
Toyota 2000GT Racing CarFor SCCA 1968
Afternoon so delish relax over coffee, while looking at a nice car one of them is the Toyota 2000GT photo below.
MCR Pal must be wondering, what car is it? Here, at a glance info ...!

This is the Toyota 2000GT was first produced and also one of the three units shipped Toyota to Shelby American Racing in 1967 to compete in the 1968 SCCA racing, with riders Davey Jordan.

Toyota 2000GT with MF10-100001 coded was built by Toyota Motor Corporation in collaboration with Yamaha Motor Corporation,  in 1967-1970 in order to emulate the output of European racing car.

Toyota 2000GT Racing Car For Shelby American Racing
Toyota 2000GT Racing Car For Shelby American Racing
Toyota 2000GT Have a convertible version is also a buddy, until james bond even have it I salute for this car

Toyota 2000GT Convertibel Side
Toyota 2000GT Convertibel Side Picture

Toyota 2000GT Convertibel Front
Toyota 2000GT Convertibel Front Picture

Toyota 2000GT Convertibel James Bond
Toyota 2000GT Convertibel James Bond

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  1. Even though Bond acquired a drop-top, the ’69 Toyota 2000GT was classy enough not having one on offer up from factory. The elongated front side, along with the design and style in general, causes it to become feel a lot more like an German roadster than something you might picture getting for its “dependable gas mileage.