Friday, April 21, 2017

Camaro Exorcist vs Dodge Demon Memes

Camaro Exorcist vs Dodge Demon Memes 01
When yesterday came the issue of Demon, there is the tagline "Hellcat is dead"
Is it as soon as this demon must dead?

Whether, rightly or not, the Camaro wants to release The Exorcist, he will probably start a horsepower war.

And if indeed it would be a horsepower war, I think the participants are less than one, who is it?

Camaro Exorcist vs Dodge Demon Memes 02


  1. Brace yourself for maximum driving insanity. A few months from now, I will take into my hands one of the sexiest cars ever. Whether it was fate or big luck, I was not sure, but when the boss of my company bought a Dodge Demon for me, I knew it has to be shared with the fans. Just imagine this demonic car in the streets to exhibit its craziest sides. But, that’s not the best of it, for when a selected list of famous drivers try my Dodge Demon with others, we know the best will come out of it. Be ready for this soon.

    1. we look forward to its presence in 2018, hopefully what is expected to materialize ..