Monday, March 13, 2017

Autonomous Car Also Called "Self Driving"

Google Autonomous Car Self Driving
Anyone know what the autonomous car?
let's discuss here ..
Autonomous cars definition is a car that can drive itself with a series of sensors .. the term "self-driving".
A few years ago, and lately often we hear news of a car manufacturer to create a car that can drive itself, although only limited to trial and has not been marketed,, self-driving car is reported to be the car of the future.

But whether MCR ( Muscle Car Ride ) friend know ??..

Driverless Car by The British Road Research Laboratory
Turns out about 46 years ago a car that can drive itself has also been tested in 1971 even in the era of the early 70s.
The driverless car specifically created by the British Road Research Laboratory in 1971, and capable of driving itself through the method of "electronic impulses delivered to the vehicle system via a special receiver unit mounted on the front of the vehicle."

Driverless Car by The British Road Research Laboratory Recorded
At the time, the researchers estimate that autonomous vehicles will be public transportation in 2000. Unfortunately, their predictions seem a little off the mark, because in the years 2015-2017 is an autonomous vehicle system continues to be tested-and still reap the pros and cons.

If already marketed and the whole car replaced with autonomous cars. The streets will be orderly..

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