Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Tail Fin Styling Classic Car

Era styling cars with tail fins, or dorsal, increases in the 1950s until the mid-1960s companions MCR ( Muscle Car Ride ).
Head of Design General Motors, Harley Earl, is considered as the first introduce a tailfin design on classic car, by placing a pair of 'small tail fin' on the model Cadillac Sixty Special 1948.

Tailfin styling inspiration is obtained from several models of fighter aircraft of World War II. style tailfin in the automotive world (including for the rear lights) was designed to strengthen the perception of dominance fighter jets as well as the euphoria of space travel. But Plymouth stated that tailfin is not merely a 'fin', but also a 'stabilizer' to put 'pressure center' as far as possible behind the vehicle, and thereby "reduce by 20% the energy needed to hold the wheel while driving split the wind".

And Tail Fin styling is also spread to mainland Europe.

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