Monday, April 3, 2017

2JZ-GTE Specifications The Great Engine From Toyota

2JZ  Engine Version From Toyota
If friends ask What is 2jz ? The answer is great engine from Toyota is a family 2JZ.

Especially 2JZ-GTE which has been equipped with a turbocharger. 2JZ-GTE is a six-cylinder engine equipped with a turbocharger. What does 2jz stand for? One use stand for the Toyota Supra. The last name that should be enough to ensure that this great machine. Remember, the car will not bear the status of 'Great' when the engine is mediocre.

2JZ -GTE 3000 VVTI Engine Version From Toyota
2JZ -GTE 3000 VVTI Engine Version From Toyota
How much hp is generated ? 
2JZ-GTE engine-based one that should also be called the best, The difference is, the base engine that had powered 230 HP, significantly boosted to 280 HP thanks to the use of a double turbocharger, which work sequentially, Even for markets outside of Japan, this engine produces 325 HP.

The twin turbo system created by Toyota and Hitachi. VVT-i technology available on GE variants are also contained in the GTE, but the use of a turbocharger requires a decrease in compression.

Even so, Supra who use this machine capable accelerate from 0-100 kph in 4.6 seconds.

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