Thursday, November 23, 2017

1964 Chrysler Turbine Car Kicked Off The Automotive Industry

Speaking of a turreted car, there is a car ever made a breakthrough plug turbine engine on a public car, but eventually disappeared.

Chrysler Turbine Car, made in 1964, this car is one of the pioneers of the automotive industry where there are cars intended for the general public but turbine engines. His voice mak wooossshhh like a jet plane, generating 130hp power that is common at the time, and the important point is we ride a car that feels like the future

Designed by Mr. Elwood Engel, the total of the car is produced by 55 units, and 50 units of which are openly tested by 203 families thoroughly in America to find out the durability of this car. This car can be filled from gasoline to diesel, even Tequila though could be the fuel of this car.

But everything changes when the country is wrong, all these advantages must be paid handsomely. Starting from the price, where we can buy a standard v8 engine car whose performance is equal to the price of its 1/3. Fuel consumption during the long trip is standard, but when in the city with a runt idle 22,000 rpm, you can imagine hehe.

Plus the heat emerging from behind which of course heats up behind him, and the downsizing that makes this turbine car dead and can not be mass produced.

There are currently 3 left in the world, and one of them is owned by Jay Leno who wrote the original article about this car.

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