Monday, December 4, 2017

7 Things that are sorely missed about old cars

Can not be denied, the old car is now increasingly rare existence turned out to be a very longing in interest.

Because in his time some car manufacturers issued a product with almost the same characteristics, perhaps it could be said that era is a trend in his time.

Well these are some things that are sorely missed from old cars:

  • 1.Pop Up Headlights
Pop Up Headlight or lights that can be upped down depending on the conditions, whether it needs lighting or just for a showoff.

  • 2.Thin 'A' Pillars
When viewed from car products in the present that apply more thick pillars, so some people feel disturbed his view.
But because of the habit of some people are no longer feel disturbed.
But have you tried it again? will definitely feel very relieved ....

  • 3. Manual Gearbox
If you hear manual gearbox or manual transmission in today's emang has diminished since in today's times people tend to choose practically with automatic.

Do not get me wrong manual gearbox is the forerunner of the automatic transmission that is exist bro...

  • 4. Simple Interior
Simple interior increasingly displaced in the modern era as today is more likely to panels.
Although it looks more modern, but on the one hand when compared with the old car interior more soothing eye ....

  • 5. Car Key 
Key cars that use metal increasingly displaced with today's technology with increasingly sophisticated wireless technology.
but this is what we missed where we can no longer show off our metal racing metal keys.

  • 6. T Tops
The upper deck or cabin that makes up the letter T is also increasingly abandoned because of its too classical model.

  • 7. Fixing Your Own Car
In the current era of fixing the car itself may have very rarely used, the article of today's cars have been using a system that can no longer be repaired by manual or in other words can not be repaired themselves at home with the tool as it is.

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