Sunday, December 17, 2017

The benefits of electric cars can cool city temperatures

The presence of electric cars was very really a positive impact on the environment. That can cool city temperatures.
Based on research from experts at University Of Michigan, USA. The use of electric cars will reduce the amount of heat in urban areas.

So, with the widespread use of electric cars, the chances of decreasing the hot temperature of the city will be even bigger.

Well .. With the city climate changing cooler, then the city's dependence on Air Conditioner (AC) will be reduced.

As did researchers in the city of Beijing in 2012, because as is known, in the country's bamboo curtain, electric cars are commonly used. Researchers found that electric cars could have an impact on a 1 degree Celsius temperature reduction.

The use of electric cars there has reduced 11,779 tons of CO2 emissions and reduced electricity consumption of 14.4 Kw / hour AC.

What do you think??. Very profitable for our earth ..
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