Sunday, December 17, 2017

The origin of the mustang name

On 17 April 2017, Ford Mustang has entered the age of 53 years. For decades it turns out that many do not know how the origin of his name.
How was the Mustang named? Who created the Mustang? Where did the word Mustang come from?

Apparently, the inspiration mustang's name came after Vice President of Ford Motor in 53 years ago Lee Lacocca watched a football game at the University of Michigan. At that time Lacocca coincidentally will launch a sports car latest output and he was looking for inspiration by watching the game. On 28 September 1963 the University of Michigan football team named Mustang High School won from Methodist University with a score of 27-16.
After the game, Lacocca headed into the team locker room. "Today, after seeing Mustangs high school playing with talent, we finally made the decision.We will call our car with the Mustang because it will be light, like your team, fast, like your team and will be sporty like your team, "Iacocca said at the time.

Apparently, its history begins with an american football game.. And, inspiration can indeed arise from anywhere, anytime, also from anyone ..

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