Thursday, December 7, 2017

Lotus Exige Cup 430, Supercar That Weighs 1,056 kg

Coming to the end of 2017, Lotus presents a new concoction of the production version of Lotus Exige Cup 430. Claimed to be more tense when driving this two-seater.

It is believed thanks to the latest design of supercharger and chargecooler that has been proven steady on the Evora 430. V6 engine configured with 3.5L capacity.
15% increase in power alias increased 55 hp versus Exige Cup 380. Aerodynamic press force also increased 200 kg. Compared with the Exige Sport 350, it provides 24% pressure when driving at 160 km / h while the Exige Sport 350 needs to go up to 273 km / h.

Lotus that has the ability to cut the weight of Exige Cup 430, weighs only 1,056 kg. Total power reaches 430 hp at 7,000 rpm and 440 Nm of torque of 4,000 rpm. This is what makes it capable of racing 0-100 km / h only 3.3 seconds. The highest speed is 290 km / h.

Drove on the Hethel circuit, the Exige Cup 430 was able to record a time of 1: 24.8 seconds. Capable 1.2 second faster than Lotus 3-Eleven (highway version).

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