Thursday, December 14, 2017

Difference Between Muscle Car And Pony Car

Hi .. MCR (Muscle Car Ride) Mania. How are you today??
Btw .. If yesterday there were some MCR friends who asked about "What is Pony Car ? What is the same as Muscle Car ??" ..

Well .. Here's a little explanation from me about the intent of Muscle Car and Pony Car ..
  • Muscle cars usually refer to high-performance cars, usually mid-size 2-door sedan or commonly called a coupe with a V8 engine, and rear wheel drive.
  • While the pony car is a class of cars that were launched because it was inspired from the 1964 Ford Mustang. This car is Compact, High Stylish, with its Sporty orientation.
Some examples of Pony Car :


Well .. Like that explanation .. How, already on the understand. ?? Please comment if anyone wants to complete also allowed. Do not forget in like and in share, if this inspires you ..

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