Monday, December 4, 2017

1939 Plymouth Pickup Taste of Aircraft!

This time I want to show you a Plymouth Pickup in 1939 belonging to Colorado Autoparts USA, which is given a heart injection of aircraft engines!

Jacobs Radial 7 cylinder engine with a capacity of 12,400 cc that produces 300 HP in this car comes from a plane of water 50's. Due to the inverted reverse engine aircraft, the V-Drive is used to reverse engine rotation, and into the Turbo 400 transmission and then forwarded to the rear wheels.

Not only the engine is a plane yes, the whole body without paint only lacquer and added rivet to look like a plane. The interior is like a cockpit plane. With steering wheel and brake pedals on both sides, as well as gas placement in the center console.

How do you think my MCR buddy? so thought radial machine continues since the Beetle earlier. Ease of this machine tanem where yah? Write in the comment field yes. Do not forget to like and share so we can fly along this ride!

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