Friday, June 16, 2017

1965 McLaren M1B is Priced Up To 250,000 Pounds

McLaren is famous for the Formula 1 car that has a long history and lately is also famous for its road-going models such as the P1, 750S and 570S. Long before producing road-going models, McLaren achieved success in Formula 1 and dominated the Canadian-American Challenge Cup (Can-Am) series in North America.

McLaren Can-Am became the first legendary "McLaren Orange" who won the first prize and was the first win for them in the International Championship class. Just like Ferrari, McLaren was founded by a racer named Bruce McLaren from New Zealand, not the same as the Italian squad, Bruce rode his own racing car and often won in several championship events.

First drove his own racing car in 1963, at the end of 1962 he bought a Cooper T53 F1 car that had been converted into a racing car known as ZEREX Special, the car was then modified in more detail and eventually won at Aintree, Silverstone, Brand Hatch And Mosport in 1964.

One of the mainstay of Bruce is the McLaren M1B which is a version of the updated McLaren M1 driven by Bruce and Chris Amon in 1966 at the Can-am Series.

Bruce managed to become the 3rd winner behind British rider John Surtess and American racer Mark Donohue who drives Lola T80 MK 2.

In 1966 continue to be developed racing cars for the Can-Am series, and the result engine specs 4.5 liter Traco Old mobile V8 is less powerful it was replaced with a Chevrolet V8 engine is heavier than the previous machine. Then M1B replaced with McLaren M6A.

The McLaren M1B car in the photo with the 30-04 chassis number purchased first by Dick Niles an important Mercury dealer, then replaced with a 4.6 Mercury engine and driven by Bill Amick. 

But unfortunately not competitive so it was replaced with a 6.0 liter chevrolet V8 engine, and managed to win 2 non Can Am championships, after a retirement from Can-am, the car was handed to another team from 1968 and continued his career at various Can-Am events and other events In 1970. 

The car has been restored and uses a 5.7 liter wet-sump chevrolet v8 engine with a total restoration fee of £ 120,000, the car is at an auction at Bobham for an estimated price 200,000 pounds to 250,000 poundsterling.

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