Wednesday, June 7, 2017

1970 AMC Rebel Machine Review

AMC Rebel Machine was introduced in 1970 and only one model in that year, the basic concept of "The Machine" actually existed in 1967, with officially existing prototype using black body, black wheels and wide tires, not There are strips, scoops and spoilers.

The Machine muscle car is the result of collaboration between Hurst Performance Research led by V.P David L. Ladrith and American Motors led by VP Marketing R.W "Bill" Mcneeley. 

Value marketing from car Halo car like AMC Rebel Machine has been understood as a means to attract the public's attention on display in the showroom. Probably no one buys it, but they can at least convince people to buy something more practical with a 4-door and fuel-efficient muscle car model.

The purpose of the AMC Rebel Machine is to build a drag racing car that can be purchased at American car showrooms, with 390cubich inch engine specs and 340HP power with V8 engine and 430 lb / ft of torque and a compression ratio ratio of 10.0: 1 with materials High octane fuel.

A 4-speed T-10 manual transmission with Hurst floor shifter as standard equipment, although customers can choose automatic shift column shift spec if they want it. 

Engine equipped with 690 cfm motorcraft 4-barrel carburator, and also offered a more powerful engine that is AMC 390 V8 with a special head, modified valve train, hotter cam and intake and redesigned exhaust.

Only 1000 units of AMC Rebel Machine have been produced in legendary red, white and blue colors. The writing machine is on the trunk lid, dashboard and both sides of the rear panel.

Each The Machine mounted 15 inch X 7 inch alloy wheels are designed to look like alloy cast alloy wheels with silver metal flake paint with a coarse texture finish to be visible from magnesium alloy material.

The most important of these cars is that much in demand people who use a manual transmission and there is water induction hood its all made of metal plate. 

The photographed car will be auctioned on July 20, 2017 in Denver, Colorado with a price estimate there has been no detailed explanation through the auction agency mecum

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