Monday, June 5, 2017

1965 Peel Trident Produced Only 45 Units

Peel Engineer Company has a unique goal in producing cars that are the only car company built on the Isle of Man. The company started by producing GRP Boats and fairing motors in a small town called Peel on the island west coast, before producing a micro car by making Peel mancar prototype in 1955.

Manxcar then followed by Peel P50 cars that have become icons in the automotive realm that continues to evolve into Peel Trident model in 1965 with its legendary bubble canopy glass

The company is marketing the car with the slogan "Your Transport of Tomorrow" because the car has a Bubble-shaped glass that looks futuristic, the glass can be folded towards the front so that passengers can enter the car with ease and comfort.

Trident was introduced for the first time to the general public at the British Motorcycle Show in 1964 at Erls Court, London. At that time also peel companies also have been ready and have a name in producing scooter motor that is closed and energy efficient, but this trident car product looks like a spaceship.

Not equal to. Its predecessor is P50, Trident fit for 2 adults, steering wheel is in the middle with steering wheel has 1 radius. Besides that there is 1 ventilation section of rider and also equipped with wiper.
Peel Trident only produced only 45 units with automatic transmission features 98cc specs engine from Triumph tina scooter. The first 39 units were equipped with a 49cc 3-speed Zweirad Union (DKW) engine with a power of 4.2 HP and top speed achieved at 38mph.

The Peel company disappeared in 1969 before being rescued by an investor, then his success ditv at a BBC show Dragons den 'Led "aimed at fundraising and reviving the company, the P50 became popular in Top Gear by Jeremy Clarkson.

So finally this Peel company can akfit back by producing Trident and P50 both electric and petrol fuel models, this car is also became the target of collectors, especially those who are still original for the purposes of an classic urban vehicle.

Peel Trident's car that was photographed is still in original production in 1965, in America this car is very rare, the car has been done restoration. Using the original 49cc 3-speed Zweirad union engine with a power of 40mph and fuel is also economical. Auctioned at RM Southeby's on 18 August 2017 with an interpretation of the price that has yet to be announced officially.

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