Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Legendary Chevrolet Yenko Camaro SS Will Be Sold Through Auction

Chevrolet SS Muscle Car Custom built by Don Yenko and this team became legendary car because it was so legendary finally Chevrolet company bought patent for this Yenko name in 2009 and started selling new Camaro that has been modified specifically for drag race and bring the name of this iconic car to A quarter mile drag race.

Don Yenko opened a chevrolet dealer in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Chevrolet has been flowing in Don Yenko's blood just as his father had also opened the Dealer before him, besides he has also grown up among the generation of Chevrolet lovers.

In the mid-60s Don Yenko bought Chevrolet Corvair and started building it with a special performance and then disguised in his showroom where the car was nicknamed "Yenko Stinger". Chevrolet Corvair Castle car is very popular and prints the name Yenko in the world automotive map when the introduction of the Chevrolet Camaro in 1966.

Don Yenko then also immediately built a Camaro car installed a L72 427 cub = ic inch (7 litre) V8 engine specs used on Chevrolet corvettes. With this machine installed then Don Yenko should modify the axle and upgrade it as well with suspension and use the M21 or M22 gearbox. 

Coupled with the Stewart Warner pedestal-mouted tachometer, for the Hood car mounted special hood of fiberglass with twin-snorkel equipped, the rear mounted rear spoiler and on the grill mounted Yenko emblem and also on the front fender and tail of the car.

Yenko Camaro has a power of 425HP, after the test dyno test won 550HP and after modified again to 600HP. The figures up to now include high performance, at the end of 1960 the car already represents the performance of formula 1, acceleration 1/4 mile taken within 10 seconds.

The Chevrolet Yenko Camaro muscle car that is in this photo gallery is still original and is one of 20 cars saved, the car was delivered in a new state and sold to Bill Sight Chevrolet in Kansas City on August 2, 1968. with the L72 V8 engine spec, 4- Speed transmission, 12 bolt 3.73 positraction rear end. 

Stewart warner tachimeter, yenko Fiberglass hood, Yenko spoiler, has undergone a restoration and become a champion and presented a Gold Award at Camaro National, and a gold spinner award at Chevy vettefest National.

The car is now auctioned at Mecum Auction on 16 June in Porland.

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