Monday, June 12, 2017

Porsche RWB 993 Hamachi The Charming Yellow Tail

Boden Autohaus located in Costa Mesa, California America US is an aftermarket boutique style specialist air suspension, in the development of their business they want to become a powerful player and want to develop quickly in the world of high-end custom industry.

During the year 2016 Boden bash has built their display car that is a Porsche 993 RWB car dubbed with RWB Hamachi. This hamachi means yellow tail. The car was built by RWB 90210 group located on the West Coast.

Each Porsche RWB project is the result of the design of a self-built kit built by Naka-san himself from Japan, where the Japanese tuning house is already legendary and its position is on top.

Using the RAUH-Welt body that has become this icon, Hamachi has a unique suspension configuration features products from Boden. Which is able to make the car as low as possible perfectly again using Rotiform wheels so it looks as a perfect stance car.

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