Saturday, June 10, 2017

The First Mazda Museum Outside Japan Opened In Germany

A museum that stands for Mazda Classic cars will soon open in Ausgsburg, Germany, which is managed by Auto Frey, a Mazda dealer located in Bavarian City, supported by Mazda Germany, this music will be called Frey's Mazda Classic Museum which is the First Museum From Mazda that is outside of Japan.

Mazda enthusiasts especially in Europe will of course be familiar with the collection of cars on display, Walter Frey who founded Mazda dealership since 1978 is also a car collector, from Mazda car with rotary engine he has the first Cosmo Sport car in 1980 and continues Developing collections of his car, assisted by his two children Joachim and Markus Frey cared for his collection of 120 cars Mazda cars began output in 1930.

The family of Frey is also active and enthusiastic with the Mazda community, and became famous since showing off the Cosmo Sport rally in Germany in 2009. there are about 14 Cosmo sports cars from Japan on display dievent. Then Frey and his family aims to share their passion with the community towards their collections. About 50 Mazda cars of their collection will be exhibited dimuseum especially cars with Rotary engine.

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