Thursday, November 9, 2017

1964 Dodge Hemi Charger Concept Car Sleeping for 35 Years

It's fun and exciting to read about Muscle Car, while accompanying the thrill of today I give a little story about this one Muscle Car.

Elegant, Luxurious, and Fantastic. yup this is him Dodge Hemi Charger Concept Car which was introduced in 1964.

For the first time charger with 423 HEMI concept. After performing at a car show and dealer with a 383-cubic V8, it was kept for 35 years until this concept car was changed by Fran Roxas to 600bph, 426 HEMI.

And after that was sold to John O'Quinn at Monterey Sport & Classic Car Auction 2007 with a price of $ 1,100,000.

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