Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tips on Safe Driving When in the Rainy Season

Safety is the responsibility of every road user. Therefore, the awareness and attention of road users need to be maintained to support the creation of security and comfort while traveling.

Lately, weather changes and increased rainfall are increasingly common. This encourages the MCR (Muscle Car Ride) to re-present some guidance on improving security on the go, whether running daily activities or traveling with family and nearest people.

Here are some safe driving tips, especially during the rainy season like this time.

• Conduct a standard check-up on your vehicle, including wipers, tire pressure, oil, engine, batteries and lights. Refueling in full condition is necessary before you travel far.

• Plan your route before traveling, especially when you are headed for a rare or unheard area. Feeling lost leads to confusion and disturbing concentration. What's more, the potential for weather and poor visibility require extra careful driving skills.

• Use low gear when facing uphill or steep slopes or derivatives. Using a low gear makes it easy for the engine to brake before it reaches a steep bend and helps you control the speed of the vehicle, and keeps your brakes last longer.

• Make sure your vehicle is in good condition, especially on the engine. In hilly road conditions, cars with large torque will be more reliable in conquering the terrain.

• Train your patience. Although this is not the peak of the holiday season, drivers should be able to anticipate the occurrence of congestion. Avoid following other vehicles when you can not see the road in front of you, like on the bends, bridges, hills, and mountain slopes.

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