Friday, November 10, 2017

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Owned Robert Downey Jr Customized by SpeedKore

What??? 1970 Ford Mustang 'Iron Man': Tony Stark is also a Muscle Car Lovers..

Actor Robert Downey Jr., best known for his role as Tony Stark aka the Iron Man superhero, apparently has an appealing taste in classic muscle cars. Recently a Ford Mustang Boss 302 output of the 1970's actor was exhibited on the mat of SEMA 2017 modifications in the US.

This car is built and custom modified by SpeedKore, one of the popular muscle car builders, with direct 'guidance' from the actor throughout the process, for the sake of delivering the car according to the desired character Downey Jr.

The car's exterior design still retains the original design features but is enhanced by the presence of HRE Wheels wide wheels with the right tire profiles that create a 'meaty' fitment.

Looks pretty standard from the outside, who would have thought the carbon fiber body material already includes bonnet, fender, bumper, front lips, until some other body parts to reduce the weight of the car.
The interior of the car is thick with shades of brown that adorn the car seat and dashboard which now has got a grille for the cabin cooling system. The weight of the lightweight car is enhanced with chassis and suspension that has been re-designed by Detroit Speed.

Enter the side of the engine specifications, under the hood is installed beautiful V8 Ford Performance Aluminator 5000cc engine with Stage 2 supercharger made by Roush. The engine is mated to a T56 Bowler transmission and a 9-inch differential on the rear wheels with engine output unfortunately unrevealed.

Where do you think Tony Stark is driving this car or Audi R8?

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