Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Classic Dodge Dart modification of Four State Elements

What is this?? Curious? This is a classic Dodge Dart that has been modified by interlinking elements of four countries, namely the United States, Germany, Japan, and Indonesia.

The modification of the four elements of this country became the identity of the collaboration car of Alstein Automotive Design in BSD, Tangerang, and Fix Garage in South Jakarta.

Received the nickname Bavarian Dart because the remaining of this Dart live body. Chassis affairs, engines to drivetrain has been transformed using the proprietary BMW 5 Series generation E34, a German element that penetrated this car.

Behind the bonnet saved BMW 3000 cc M50 V8 engine that gets a stroker upgrade to 3500 cc, connected to the automatic transmission of the 530i variant car as well. In addition, the legs were taken from the German business sedan.

The Japanese element is represented by Hakosuka's body-modification stream, through wide body games on over fenders, a number of add-on body kits such as front and rear bumpers, ducktails, and flat. Japanese identity is also present through the Rota RB-X 17-inch rims with a width of each 9 inches in front and 9.5 inches behind, wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza tires.

While the elements of Indonesia show themselves through changes in Basdart, starting from the dashboard, center console, front and rear seats, door trim.

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