Thursday, November 23, 2017

Volvo Amazon HEMI V8 Engine Becomes a Drag Car

Hear the word Classical Volvo which in the minds of the MCR Companions must be about Truck and other Heavy Equipment.

But long before that there was Volvo Amazon a cool car from Sweden that sold from 1956 until 1970. And some of them can survive to this day, although not a bit of a mess so they should be discarded.

However, it seems that not all Volvo Amazons go to heaven after they die. At least one of them goes back to life as a drag car. Yep, the monster we will see is wearing body from Volvo Amazon.
Designed by Henrik Larsson of Larsson Customizing, Volvo 'Hemizon' As the name implies, this car is endowed with a 331 cubic inch (5.4 liter) Chrysler Hemi V8 engine and a dual carb Edelbrock. He also obtained a Hoosier tire on the back.

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