Saturday, November 25, 2017

Ford Mustang With Lamborghini Engine, Horse and Bull Wedding

  • 2007 Ford Mustang V10 Lamborghini Engine
Looks from the outside, this car looks like a Ford Mustang lansiran 2007. But the heart of the car power is apparently  V10 model Lamborghini Gallardo engine the best-selling.

This includes other technical side such as transmission and gear box, which means the position of the engine was mid-mounted, and also the presence of all-wheel drive system as well as 'The Bull' Gallardo.

In short, the chassis and body of the car is a Mustang, while the engine and other mechanical components belong to Gallardo. And if that's not enough, the interior of the car was totally changed using the Gallardo, even Gallardo-style bottom was embraced on the stern.

The video can be clicked directly on the following link: 

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