Saturday, November 11, 2017

1964 Lincoln Continental Has a Mafia Appearance

1964 Lincoln Continental is a blend of elegant design, top class, special, prestige, exclusive, expensive, and also luxurious.

Designed by Elwood Engel, I think the shape of this car memorable Mafia really. This car is equipped with 462 c.u or 7,600 cc V8 engine spec, to hedge the weight of course not light, 3 speed matic transmission is also embedded in all models.

Problem designing the car cool and fierce, Ford is the best, just look at the form of a large and long, brought back and forth carrying souvenirs can fit a lot hehe ..

Little info, Lincoln Continental car series was originally just a prototype to wear the same pack of Edsel Ford. But when the car was delivered to his home in Florida, his friends and neighbors also wanted the same car. Seeing the response, he finally told the manufacturer to make it again.

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