Sunday, November 12, 2017

Toyota GT86 Has a Ferrari V8 Heart

This is one of the most surprising and ferocious engine swap modification projects I've ever seen, how not, the famous Ferrari V8 4500 cc Flatplane DOHC 90 ° and the original placement of the mid engine, placed on the hood of a small Toyota GT 86!

The car is engineered through calculating enginering and fabrication, such as making tubular subframe, steering rack adjustment for drifting turning angle, air filter laying under dashboard, thottle body inlet via windshield wiper and bottom glass, 5 speed sequential fortin racing gearbox gearboxes, and many other knickknacks that are well calculated and correct. .

By owner, Ryan Tuerck, this car is named GT 4586 derived from both car names are combined, this car roared and produces 570 HP and 540 NM and used for drifting!

So want to try this car, does the admin have to make a car drifting rival for this car too? It's good to use a car and what machine is it? Try to write it down, do not forget like and share let admins can be more ideas!

Pic Source : Speed Hunters

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