Tuesday, November 28, 2017

5 trivial problems cause fire in the car

This time the admin will discuss trivial problems that sometimes could be the cause of fire in the car.

Straight to 5 factors trivial problems cause fire in the car :
  • 1.Electricity
Here there are two sources of triggers, the zipper (short circuit) and there is a loose connection such as a loose fuse from the stand, so that out sparks and cause heat.
The exhaust channels are the heat-generating part. Could be even more dangerous when the heat retaining part is lost, so easy to burn the material around it.
  • 3. Oil
Engine lubricant is also an EASY INFESTABLE MATERIAL. when there is an oil leak near the exhaust manifold or exhaust, it can cause a fire.
  • 4. Fuel
You should also pay attention to the fuel system. If there is a leak, it can increase the chance of fire in the vehicle.
  • 5. External Factors (usually caused by owner's negligence)
The most often not realized is .. Do not park the vehicle near the bin .. Because in the trash, often a lot of cigarette butts, lighters, cans, or other combustible materials that could endanger the life of your vehicle. 

Well .. That was probably trivial guys .. But if we are just a little guard .. Can HAZARD ...

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