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1932 Ford Flathead V8 Pioneer Hot Rod Car

With all the respect for the inventions of rare cars that are a treasure in the 21st century. Treasure hunters of the past mostly held adventures to. Carrebian sea is mostly done by the Spaniards. As well as hunting in the automotive field that hunts old and rare cars in car dumps, garages, backyards and more.

The 1932 Ford Drag Racing Car, which was photographed recently discovered in a warehouse, was built by two people who decided to compete in the Inagural 1953 AAGI World Series of Drag Racing, the event was often held in the 1940s and 1950s. The chosen car to be built is the Ford Flathead V8 3 window 1932.

  • 1932 Ford Flathead V8  The First Hotroad Car

Sometimes a reference to this 1932 Ford car often called "Deuce" is one of the most important cars ever made in America in the Hot Rod world. Ford Flathead V8 is the first hotroad car to emerge in the automotive world with flathead model which later became the booming term "Hot Rod", although there is no exact answer from where the term "Hot Rod" This came about, because the car mostly use the Cam shaft Simply put, Hot Cam is a Hot Rod.

In 1954 Fancis Fortman and Kenny Kerr planned to buy a Ford Flathead 3-window output 1932 and modify it as a drag race car. The car is more than 20 years until now and very valuable at all for the drivers with a mediocre budget, then the car is modified into a race car drag race by building the engine and set the weight of the car to produce power balanced with the weight of the engine to accelerate For a quarter of a mile fast.

Francis and Kenny found the right Deuce they made the car body 10 inches lower than the frame, the original interior was thrown away and replaced with the seat of a single seat aircraft from lightweight material taken from the plane of World War II surplus. The car tank was installed inside the cabin close to the driver's right shoulder, when security was not so noticed. They are more likely to pay attention to car weight.

Once modified Kenny decides to become the driver of the car and he drives 2 quarters of a mile, the odometer before the race is still 0 and after a day of racing with an 8/10th odometer record, and which draws again after more than 60 years the car's odometer Still showing 8/10 miles.

After winning the AB Class outright that day the 2 men took the car with towing and parked it at Francis's house, his wife was pregnant and the car began to be forgotten for the sake of his family. One day in 1970 Francis chased some kids who shot the windshield with BB Gun, since the incident the car was stored in the warehouse to be safe from rust.

In 2013 the car was discovered by Ken Robin who then replaced the tires and clean the dust that covers it, until now the 1932 Ford car that champion Class AB outright and still in the original condition of the race version auctioned on 16 to 21 May 2017 In Mecum. More detail visit mecum auction.

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