Saturday, May 20, 2017

1955 Austin Healey 100-4 Review

The history of Austin-Healey is already legendary in the automotive world, the original version of their product car is Healey Hundred designed for mass-produced products as the Austin A90 model equipped with gearbox, axle and suspension with a beautiful car body all designed by Gerry Coker.

Healey Hundred was first introduced to the public at the Erals Court Motor show event in 1952 reviewed by Leonard Lord as managing director of The Behemoth Austin carmaker. Leonard Lord liked the model so much that he signed a contract with Donald healey for mass production under Austin Motor Company.

Donald Healey accepted the contract with pleasure and the car was later named Austin-Healey 100 explaining the heritage car was able to reach a top speed of 100 mph, the first series called BN1, with an inline-4 Austin A90 2660cc engine combined with 3- Speed gearbox with overdrive top two gear. Top speed BN1 after tested reaches up to 106 mph and acceleration from 0-60 miles per hour taken within 11 seconds.

In mid-1955 upgraded to BN2 with a standard 4-speed gearbox, expandable axle, wider archer on the front, Austin 100M became a legend using the foundation of BN2 in 1955. version. This high-performance car features a larger carburetor, cold airbox, high-lift cam, and 8.1: 1 compression ratio so as to produce power of 110 HP, 20 HP higher than the stock 100/4 model.

The Austin-Healey 100-4 BN2 car that was photographed auctioned off for the first time after 20 years, the car has been upgraded with 100M camshaft and high piston compression so it increased to 100+ Hp, auctioned off at Bonham at the Goodwood Festival on 30th June With the interpretation of the price between 100,000 - 140,000 pounds.

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