Saturday, May 20, 2017

1968 Jeep Wagoneer Pioneer of SUV Car

Jeep Wagooner is considered the first Luxury SUV car, long before the term or genre SUV was created, about a decade before the SUV genre became the most popular genre in the world of automotive cars, the car was produced from 1962 to 1991, more or less for 28 years and became a car The longest to 3 that was produced throughout the history of car automotive in America.

The design sketch of the car was designed by Brooks Stephens, a student of industrial design acknowledgments who then made the car famous, designed Hydra-glide Harley-Davidson, Turismo Hawk gran studebaer, skytop lounge observation car for a Pacific railroad railway company as well Designing Oscar mayer wienermobile.

Jeep has approved the Wagooner Project as a replacement for the old Willys jeep wagon, the design of Wagoner itself is a redesign that gradually became popular and is the forerunner of the modern Sport Utility Vehicle car. Wagoneer's first car was launched in 1963 offered with a 2 or 4-door model, and used the same engine that is a 3.4 liter straight-through Willys Tornado SOHC.

Then in 1965 was replaced with a new machine specs with a power of 250 HP 5.4 liter AMC V8 engine as an additional choice for the customer. In 1967 replaced again with a 5.7 liter engine Dauntless V8. Which produces greater torque at low rpm speeds, making it ideal for use on 4x4 cars, and until now the car has become one of the most popular vintage cars among the SUV car lovers.

For years Wagoneer was produced by AMC after moving from Kaiser Jeep corporation, and then Chryslet bought an AMC company in 1987. The car model is still being continued and some improvements and upgrades are made but the design still uses original designs made by Stephen since the beginning of the year 1960. 

The Jeep Wagoneer car that has been photographed has become a feature car on Wayne Carini Chasing Classic car show and its show has been bundled on DVD consisting of several episodes. The car was purchased by its first owner dated April 3, 1968 from Dennet & Popp Dodge dealers, the car still has original sales invoices, manual books, original warranty cards and stickers on the car window.

Also equipped with a warn hub, radio, fuel tank lid lock, engine using original Buick Dautless V8 engine, automatic transmission, fresh water heater and desfroster, and already using power steering and alternator.

Odometer shows at 31,000 miles on the odometer, the interior is still original, while for the exterior has been repainted with the original color of President Red color, and has been done reconditioning on some parts of the engine including the new fueline, radiato brakes and newcooling fan. This SUV classic car auctioned With a price range of $ 25,000 to $ 30,000 USD.

1968 Jeep Wagoneer Classic SUV Speedometer

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