Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Car of the Future, Which Can Monitor The Driver's Emotions

future cars will be able to read the mood and expression of its users
Future vehicle technology will be more sophisticated. In fact, future cars will be able to read the mood and expression of its users.

Reported CNET, Saturday (05/13/2017), technology company called Affectiva has developed facial recognition software.

The device is said to be used a number of cars in the future. Abdelrahman Mahmoud, Affectiva product manager said, vehicles that can monitor the driver's emotions will have the ability to calm the driver when angry and frustrated. 

If used in an autonomous mode, facial recognition software can find the best way to hand over control to a human driver in the event of an emergency.

Illustration of VW autonomous car
Illustration of VW autonomous car, photo by Volkswagen
Even when autonomous mode is on, the device can also change the driving force if the computer detects passengers feeling scared. Affectiva has developed its system by using the front camera of a smart phone.

The camera was able to identify 33 different facial landmarks. The system can detect seven different emotions including a shocked expression, joy or fear.

Affectiva is now working with car manufacturers from Germany and Japan. The prototype is called ready to be introduced next year.

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