Thursday, May 11, 2017

Know The Types Of Cars Based On Its Form

Since the beginning of the car was created until now there must have been a variety of forms, both in terms of technology and form. And on this occasion, we will discuss the types of cars based on their shape.

As already known, the cars that exist today there are very diverse forms. Each form of the car turned out to have its own name, and maybe you are still confused with each name. Therefore, we will try to explain it one by one.

Muscle Car Convertible Type
Muscle Car Convertible Type
1. Convertible

In essence, a car whose roof can be folded into the category of convertible cars. That way, this car can be changed on the roof, whether to be a closed car or a car with an open roof. The convertible model is also divided into 2 kinds, soft-top and hard-convertible. For the soft-top itself the roof is made of canvas material, while the hard-convertible roof is still made of plastic or steel.
Classic Car Coupe Type
Classic Car Coupe Type
2. Coupe
Coupe car is a car with a roof that tends to decline toward the back. This type of coupe car usually only has 2 seats, but in fact there also has 4 seats.

2017 Honda Civic Hatchback
2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Type
3. Hatchback

Cars that go into the hatchback category is a car that unites the passenger cabin with luggage space. Usually a hatchback car comes with 5 doors, 4 doors specifically for access in and out of passengers, and 1 special door to insert the goods into the trunk. Dimensions include small car hatchback, so often this car is also dubbed as a city car. 

Car Sedan Type
Maruti Car Sedan Type
4. Sedan

Ordinary sedan is also called a saloon car. The sedan car basically has a capacity of 5 passengers, 2 on the front, and 3 on the back. The door in this car numbered 5 doors, 4 doors specifically for passenger acces, and 1 special door to enter the goods into the trunk. Passenger cabin space with luggage is also separated.
Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Car
Lexus Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Type Car
5. Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

Sport Utility Vehicle or commonly also called the SUV is a car that was created to be able to devour the field of roads and off-road terrain. This car can carry passengers as well as luggage that quite a lot, so the SUV usually has a fairly large body shape. SUV car drive systems typically use four wheel drive, although there are also some that use 2-wheel drive.

Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) Car
Honda Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) Car
6. Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

Multi Purpose Vehicle or MPV car has a larger dimension of the car sedan, but still has the comfort of a car like a sedan. With its large dimensions, MPV cars can accommodate passengers up to 7 people.
Station Wagon Car
Audi Station Wagon Car
7. Station Wagon

Station Wagon has a base similar to the sedan, but its dimensions are longer than the sedan. That's because the back of this car is lengthened so that it connects with the trunk. That way passenger cabin space and luggage space also become one.

Well, that's information we can give to you about the types of cars based on their shape. May be useful.

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