Thursday, May 18, 2017

1971 Aston Martin DB6 MK 2 Vantage Saloon Only Created 34 Units

Aston Martin produced more than its predecessor the Aston Martin DB5, DB6 is the last series of Aston Martin DB Series until finally created DB7 in 1994. DB6 is much better than previous DB series, with more interior offered. Wide and higher headroom both at the front and rear.

For the purposes of Touring of Milan, DB4 and DB5 are designed, but after the proposal was given to Aston Martin but the portion was rejected by Aston Martin as a substitute for DB5 development. Other than that the new car has a longer wheelbase and a higher roof.

One of the issues about the Aston Martin DB5 is to have an aerodynamic tail-end model that will lift when driven faster than 140mph, but if the roof of the car is made longer back than 110mph, even though aerodynamics were not so perfect in the 1960s, With the reverse spoiler on the back will reduce the lift on the back of the car, so the car is more stable in Autobahn speeds. 

The same machine specs is designed by Tadek Marek is DOHC straight-6 3995cc engine with a power of 282 HP with a standard setting, with a special setting can issue power sebebasat 325HP with a higher ratio of compression ratio and installed weber carburetor. All Aston martin DB6 cars are equipped with ZF-5 speed transmission but are given the option of using Borgwarner 3-speed automatic with no additional cost.

During the production period Aston Martin DB6 MK 2 has been ordered by the prince Charles, Paul McMartney, Mick Jagger, Twiggy and Peter Sellers, the car ordered for Prince Charles is as a gift car from the queen for his 21st birthday, then DB6 car is modified using materials Bioetahanol fuel.

The Aston Martin DB6 Vantage car photographed is a car booked by a British client and the car was previously in Australia and brought back to England in 1988 and is well cared for and has been repainted in original Dubonnet Rosso.

Currently the car is owned by John Cleland a champion rider at the British Touring Car Championship in 1989 and 1995, and is now a private TV commentator. Aston Martin factory Only produce as many as 34 Unit MK II DB6 Vantage Saloon and use original ZF 5-speed manual, already equipped with AC so that more comfortable to use touring. The car was auctioned at the auction body of Silverstone Auction on May 13 and is estimated price between 325,000 and 375,000 pounds.

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