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1970 Range Rover Classic 2 Door Adventure Car

1970 Range Rover Classic 2 Door Adventure Car
When the Range Rover was introduced for the first time in 1970 the car was immediately a public concern because of it. The 4x4 car is a luxurious and comfortable car and is suitable for civilians who want to ride without losing their civilian status.

1970 Range Rover Classic 2 Door Front Left
Range Rover is the right car driven in London or New York, can be driven from paris to Dakar and even to Xape town and on the Gunbarrel toll road in Australia, besides this car is including classic cars E-type Jaguar and MINI.

The idea of creating a Range Rover car is actually already there and planned long before this car gets permission to produce, even this car surprised the company because it almost beat the success of Land Rover produced in a short time after World War II.

1970 Range Rover Classic 2 Door Front Right
The first attempt to create a more comfortable car from Land Rover is the creation of a Land Rover tickford wagon that has a seat design equipped with heater and demister but this is only the first step they do. 

1970 Range Rover Classic 2 Door Front
A few years later the first Land Rover was made with a saloon system model four-wheel drive that can be driven both on road and off-road. The prototype made is the Road Rover that uses body station wagon (estate) mounted on the Land Rover chassis with suspension and mechanics of the land rover. This idea was created to be driven in Africa and Australia.

1970 Range Rover Classic 2 Door Side
But Road Rover is not produced, then the rover company keeps thinking about a rover car packed with luxury and practically they start to have the idea to combine 3 cars ie Harvestor scout, jeep wagoneer and ford bronco, and. 

1970 Range Rover Classic 2 Door Sketch
The result rover president himself decided to use a Buick V8 engine with whalbase 88 inches seties on Land Rover which was then sent to Solihul in England and the idea began to run to develop a car that is expected to attract many people and produce various models of this Range Rover car.

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