Friday, May 19, 2017

5 Best BMW Cars Ever Made

BMW is a German automotive company that has been aged 129 years in the automotive world. Many of the vehicles that are spawn and even worldwide. Not infrequently people in various parts of the world are very fanatical with cars made by BMW.

Well, this time will present the 5 best BMW cars of all time ever made, Auto Guide version. Curious as to what his car? Check out the following reviews!

1. BMW i8 Supercar

This is a miracle of BMW's proprietary technology. With the appearance and performance of the supercar, the i8 is also highly efficient plug-in hybrid. BMW i8 uses an electric motor that is paired with a 1.5liter turbocharged three-cylinder with the ability to reach 76mpg and travel 15 miles of electric power alone.

The engine has an explosive output power of up to 357 hp and is capable of traveling 60mph in just 4 seconds as well as an electronically controlled 155mph top speed.

2. BMW M5 (E34)

The second generation of BMW M5 codenamed E34 is considered by many to be the best M5 model ever made. Produced between 1989 and 1995, the E34 was the last M5. This car has a powerful six-cylinder engine.

Initially this car has specification a 3.6 liter engine capacity with 310hp output. But in some markets, the engine was upgraded to 3.8 liters and successfully produced 335hp. No wonder the E34 became one of the best among BMW's cars.

3. BMW 507 Convertible

BMW 507 is arguably the most handsome model of this German company that has ever made. The BMW 507 was made in the late 1950s with a 3.2liter V8 engine under its hood. 

Though very handsome and elegant, this car does not leave the performance side. Thanks to its superiority, the 507 is considered an expensive car because it only produced 252 units only. Although very few, but 507 became the ancestor of the birth of decades roadster in the future, such as Z8.

4. BMW M3 (E30) Coupe 

When talking about modern BMW performance, it is easy to designate the E30 M3 as the start of all that. This car was originally born for homologation purposes in the DTM racing series. Due to market demand, BMW finally released a factory version with the number of lots by using a 2.3 liter four-cylinder engine, M3 able to make 210hp output.
However M3 is more than just a machine upgrade, there are other updates such as aerodynamics, suspension components, drivetrain parts and brakes.

5. BMW M1 Sport Coupe

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, BMW officially built a true supercar. Is the M1, a vehicle with two seats are made as the basis of the homologation of sports car racing.

The engine capacity of 3.5-liter six-cylinder that produces 273hp. This is a very fantastic figure in the world after the oil crisis at that time.


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