Saturday, May 13, 2017

BMW Refresh Series 2

BMW Series 2 Convertible and Coupe 01
BMW introduced the ranks of Series 2. BMW Series 2 is getting minor updates. Series 2 is now has a new bi-LED headlights as standard equipment. There are also optional package of bi-LED adaptive headlamps.

BMW Series 2 Convertible and Coupe 02
At the front retains the kidney grille as a typical BMW with updated air intake at the bottom of the bumper. Consumers can also choose LED fog lights as an option. While at the back there is an LED back light.

BMW Series 2 Convertible
The BMW Series 2 now has a choice of new colors. The new colors include the Mediterranean Blue, Seaside Blue and Sunset Orange.

BMW said, air vents also have a new design and interior geometry that makes the driver more focused. Glove box section and center console are also not left behind updated.
BMW Series 2 Coupe
Not only the exterior, the interior of the Series 2 also there are changes. This car display instrument comes new with black panel design.

BMW Series 2 Convertible and Coupe Interior
The price of the BMW Series 2 has not yet been announced. This new car slid into the dealership starting next July.

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