Saturday, May 20, 2017

1969 Ford Mustang Harbinger by Agent 47

This is a Mustang Harbinger by Agent 47 with basic Ford Mustang output 1969, a home-owned product modification Agent 47 who managed to conjure the classic Mustang become more toned and cool with a myriad of contemporary technology.

But in essence this is a Mustang with full spec modifications that are very worth the beware, Because they have a very thorough performance package from chassis to machine and legs. 

The specification of the engine used is a 402ci Windsor V8 with four barrel race carburetor output Holley HP 830-cfm and MSD ignition that could spew power up to 697Hp (Horsepower). Do not forget the "legend" Toyo Proxess RA1 tire.

How do you think MCR Bro?
Big Yes or Big No?

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