Saturday, May 13, 2017

Japan NS Rounder Modification Car Show 2017, When Culture Mixed

When we talk about or think about automobiles in Japan, it comes to mind and mind of a country that is the home country of drift, time attack on the Tsukuba circuit or stance and VIP-style car. But what about at candy color, scissor model car door and car with big wheels?

The New Style Car Show aka the 2017 NS Rounder Car Show was held at the soga city port in Chiba Prefecture in northern Tokyo.

NS Rounder Car show is an event that emphasizes on extreme car modification results, many of the cars on display are imported from America. Car owners then modify to express their expressions in order to show that the car is the work of people who have grown up.

Of the cars on display in the event many new custom-style cars using the optional suspension in building the cars. Most car owners choose to use suspension with a hydral system or use a air-bag. 

Like a Mazda Atenza wagon car that uses beautiful suspension water, right behind the pump, valve and hard line there are 4 subwofer that fill the back room and the car is low as low as touching the asphalt.

This is an automotive culture different from previous Japanese cultures, another example of a modified car that is a modified Shelby super snake with an exhaust pipe beside, there is also a Chevy C / K pick-up with Forgiato indierto wheels measuring 22 inches. Of course to make the car is flat is not easy unless using a water ride or air bag.

Candy Gate's workshop in Japan is also relatively new headquartered in Setagaya, their team showing off a dodge challenger car with aero kit and painted a green candy color. In Japan itself Toyota Prius is commonly used for transportation, cars with Hybrid hatcback model is also popular in kastem. 

The tokyo city is famous for its bad streets by the Japanese, narrow streets and lots of red lights, therefore many Japanese people who buy cars that are fuel efficient and efficient with the choice of hybrid and EV cars are very precisely ridden in this city. 

But in reality the Toyota Prius is not a boring car so many Japanese people are modifying it. Such as modified lowrider models with lime green candy colors, custom pin-stripping and airbrush.

Warm weather supports the event, spring is the most fitting season for people to visit Japan, its temperature is not so cold as in winter and not so hot as when summer comes, its temperature also not moist so een NS Rounder car This show succeeded successfully and many foreign tourists who come to this event.

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