Thursday, May 4, 2017

Routine car maintenance already on schedule

Routine car maintenance already on schedule
Routine car maintenance. Used cars need routine maintenance to keep the car fresh and ready for use.

For motorists there is a conscious car care routine, but there are also less attention to car care. Approximately any important point in car care that needs attention and needs to be done by car owners, here are the reviews:

1. Lubrication System.
Routine car maintenance already on schedule

At the point of lubrication system then the owner or user of the vehicle shall check always lubricant condition. Examination can take advantage of dipstick or olie gauge stick. Dipstick stick is its function to monitor the volume of olie in general. If the olie level is reduced then add the levle olie back as required. Also make sure the olie color is not very dark, and feel the lubrication whether there is still a lubricity or just a liquid. Also feel if there are coarse particles in the olie part that we touch with both ends of our fingers. Make sure also at the bottom of the machine there is no leak.

The oil marks that have to be replaced are when it is blackish color, no longer have the power lubricant, or has exceeded the time of use, for example has been 6 months although KM may not have passed olie replacement requirements, this is due to the replacement can be on time or according to KM, Which was first achieved.
Routine car maintenance already on schedule
2. Fuel Channels

Fuel channel is very important, for that always make sure always smooth. The fuel channel system is checked from the carburettor, throttle body air filter, and fuel filter. To clean the air filter can use high pressure wind which directly sprayed with the direction of blow from inside to outside. For carburetor or throttle body cleaning can be used special cleaning fluid carburetor ..

3. Ignition System.

The ignition system can be checked on the spark plug and spark plug wires. Clean by using sandpaper for dirty spark plugs. If the spark plug has been damaged then it must be replaced by a new one. Also check whether the leaky cable does not leak, which is indicated by a power leap or noise on the radio device.

4. Engine Cooling System (Radiator)

Engine cooling is done by the radiator, so always check the water level in the reservoir if the water level decreases then add. Make sure the water does not shrink more than half the tube, because it indicates a leak.

Routine car maintenance already on schedule
5. Electricity system

Battery as an electrical system needs to be checked for water level, start voltage and idle voltage. This is to ensure the water keeps performing well. Check positive and negative kutup, and firmness bolt.

6. Braking System

It is also very important to check the level and quality of brake fluid. How to check is very easy because the location of the brake fluid reservoir is usually at the top so it is very easy to check the level and quality. If the height below the maximum level then immediately add with the brake fluid in accordance with the specifications.

Similarly tips that I can convey so that your car is always in ready and healthy condition.

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